If you are familiar with Crested Butte you have probably heard of Long Lake.  Long Lake sits just about Meridian Lake, and has always been a favorite of locals and visitors alike.  It is a great swimming hole, a peaceful place to hang by the water and one of the easiest places to access for a quick adventure.  Unfortunately we are at risk of losing access to this Crested Butte treasure.  Fortunately the Crested Butte Land Trust is working hard on our behalf to save Long Lake and forever preserve the public access to this community hot spot.  Below is a snapshot of what is going on.  You can follow the link at the bottom to see the CB Land Trust website for more information.  If you are interested in getting involved please let me know or reach out to Noel Durant with the CB Land Trust.



 Easily accessible from the town of Crested Butte, Long Lake is a balance of scenic views, wildlife habitat, recreational access, clean water, and critical ranchland connectivity. Currently, Long Lake is part of the Gunnison National Forest and managed by the United States Forest Service (USFS). This 120-acre tract is a maintenance burden for the USFS and is slated for auction or sale. If sold to a private developer, our community could lose Long Lake forever. 

The Crested Butte Land Trust has assembled a land exchange with the USFS that will protect Long Lake, add nearly 630 acres to the Gunnison National Forest, reinvest over $2,500,000 in affordable housing, and allow for better water planning in the Upper 

Gunnison Valley

The acquisition of Long Lake will achieve the following:

Ensure permanent access to Crested Butte’s swimming hole

Add 628 acres to the Gunnison National Forest

Conserve 120 acres of land around Long Lake

Reinvest over $2,500,000 in affordable housing

Protect 44 acres of grazing corridor

Create 380 acre-feet of renewable water storage potential


For more information and opportunities to give contact 

Noel Durant, Executive Director, at 

Noel@cblandtrust.org or 970-349-1206 

Visit our website to learn more! cblandtrust.org/long-lake